Hours of Operation:

Tuesday - Friday 11AM / 5PM Sat, Sun, Mon - Closed All Major Holidays - Closed

General Payments + Expenses:

In order to begin projects, a full payment or deposit has to be made. No work will start if invoices aren't paid. Services $100 and under must be paid in full. No exceptions. All balances must be paid upon final design approval, before final files are delivered, & website is transferred. The client shall reimburse the designer, if they have any specific requests for additional stock photography, artwork, fonts and/or material needed for their project. Sarah Marie Creative Co. reserves the right to suspend work & with-hold delivering of any project documents until past due balances/late fees are paid. Late fees will be issued if invoices aren't paid upon the agreed deadline. Late fees are $20.


Sarah Marie Design Co. acknowledges that they may have access to information which relates to the client’s products, creative works, marketing strategies, projects and other information. Designer agrees to protect the confidentiality of this information. All communication between the client & designer is strictly confidential. Anything discussed between the two (ideas, visions, email addresses, photos, financial information, login information, etc) will not be released to anyone.

Revisions & Alterations:

Client will be given no more than 1 free revision at each stage of the design. If further revisions are requested, Sarah Marie Creative Co. will bill the client at a flat rate of $10 per round. Additional revisions may result in a delayed completion date.


Both parties understand that Client or Designer may terminate the service at any time if, for any reason, the relationship is deemed unsatisfactory by either party. If the project is terminated before services has been fully fulfilled, Sarah Marie Design Co. will retain the non-refundable deposit. If the client decides to cancel the service after final approval is made, Sarah Marie Design Co. reserves the right to keep the full payment amount.

Limitation of Liability:

Illness, injury, or other events beyond Sarah Marie Creative Co. control, such as fire, theft, computer failure, and Acts of God may result in a delay of unpredictable length. Client agrees that they shall not hold the Sarah Marie Creative Co. liable for any incidental or consequential damages that arise from the designer’s failure to perform any aspect of the project in a timely manner.

Copyright & Credit:

Sarah Marie Design Co. agrees to create original work for the client, free of plagiarism. The Designer holds copyright of any work created during this project until final payment has been made and files have been handed over. Client then holds copyright of the work once all work is delivered. Once Client holds ownership of the copyright, the original work should not be altered in any way. Sarah Marie Design Co. can use samples, photographs or screenshots of the work created under this agreement, for promotional purposes (such as our website/social media outlets) once the project has been made public. The following credit should be mentioned on all publicity/promotion of this project from Sarah Marie Design Co. If for any reasons you opt to have us display your designs within our portfolio or make any announcements via social media there will be a fee of $50. The full amount should be paid with your deposit or with the remaining balance of your design project. If unpaid, you are granted the permission to allow us to showcase your designs on our portfolio(s). For websites, if you decide to keep our link within your footer, the text must be no smaller than 10pt & must be visible for viewers to see. Our link should not be removed unless our work is no longer showcased on your website. Should we discover that our link is no longer present, but our work still is - you will be charged a $50 credit removal fee, if invoice is not paid legal actions will follow suit. We do not require our credentials on business cards, branding templates, printed flyers, logos, web graphics (such as: web banners, motion graphics), labels, or other printed materials. Showcasing your projects within our portfolio is our way of bringing in new customers & free exposure for your brand.

Client Responsibilities:

Client will provide accurate, complete and timely information, materials and feedback to Sarah Marie Creative Co. Client will approve and proofread all final designs, copy, publicity proofs and test sites. Sarah Marie Creative Co. will make all efforts to ensure that no information is misrepresented. However, client assumes all responsibility for content. Sarah Marie Creative Co. is not responsible for any misspelling of content or any absent information that was not included in the email or documents. When proofs are sent to the client, the client is expected to take a careful look at any misspelling or missing information that they want to be corrected.

Delayed Payment + Information:

If a client reserves a spot by paying a deposit for a design, & fails to communicate in a reasonable amount of days (7 business days), client's project will be canceled & a fee is applied to restart the project (an additional deposit). Client will not receive any refunds for delayed projects. Web design projects will not be booked nor started without photography or content. Failure to provide photography or content when booking a web design service, will void your project & you’ll receive a full refund of your deposit. Photography & content MUST be prepared PRIOR to booking your web design services. If you need guidance in how to provide your content & photography, please email me first.

Payment Plans:

Payment plans are bi-weekly or weekly payments only. No exceptions. Before commiting to a payment plan, please be sure that you will be able to make said payments on agreed dates. If you fail to make your payments without notice, it will either result in a late fee, or cancellation of project with NO REFUND. If in the rare case you are no longer able to make your payments, your project will be placed on hold until a final agreement is made between the client and designer. No designs will be transferred until balances are paid.

Last Updated: March 29th, 2020

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